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The Interregional Academy of Continuing Professional Education (MADPO) teaches in the specialization "Obstetrics" and issues a diploma and certificate.
Institute of Professional Education "IPO" invites you to take distance courses in the direction of "Obstetrics" (there are options for 256, 512 and 1024 academic hours) with the receipt of a diploma or certificate of the state sample.

Who is a gynecologist: what heals, features of work and reviews.

The first visit to the gynecologist rarely remains a pleasant memory, but still such an experience is inevitable. The woman's body resembles a complex system, all the links of which are interconnected. If one organ does not work, then it entails a kaleidoscope of consequences.

The intimate sphere of life is almost always fraught with risks, and therefore it will be necessary to find out who a gynecologist is quite early. Under the most favorable visa conditionsit will take place after the first intimate experience, but in the event of force majeure, it can happen earlier.

A reasonable and sane woman understands that her health is in her hands, and therefore you need to sensitively listen to your feelings and take timely measures to eliminate discomfort.
Until now, problems in the intimate sphere are perceived as something shameful, but, in fact, this is the norm associated with discomfort and nuances of the development of the body.


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Ideally, you should have a personal towel with you. Often in the reviews you can read that before visiting the doctor you have to take care of the presence of gloves, but today this is not necessary, since the doctor uses a disposable set for each patient. Of course, when visiting a gynecologist, you need to take care of personal hygiene so that the doctor sees a full picture.


By the way, if you see a doctor regularly, you can forget about problems in the intimate sphere, since any risks will be prevented.


Most women do not favor visits to a gynecologist, since there is really little pleasure in this. This is evidenced by the reviews of the patients. Therefore, the number of visits required is often ignored, unless there is a real complaint or a situation that requires resolution (eg pregnancy).


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Accordingly, many women do not know exactly who a gynecologist is and how he can help them in a given situation. They go to the hospital to see the first free doctor and, having solved the problem, they forget about it as a bad dream. But, in order not to be afraid of a doctor, you need to find “your” specialist who is right for you. It is logical that they are looking for a gynecologist through friends, on the advice of friends and colleagues.

Reviews in this choice are extremely important, although they are specific.

If the girl is lucky, then the gynecologist becomes the attending physician for life, and not only for her, but also for her relatives and friends.

So who is a gynecologist? In Greek, "guine" is "woman" and "logos" is "teaching." Accordingly, gynecology is a branch of medicine that studies diseases that are characteristic exclusively of the female body. First of all, these are diseases of the female reproductive system. With such failures, it is impossible to plan a pregnancy, and therefore regular examination is especially important.

At about 12 years old, a girl begins her period, which can be painful. :

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